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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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wois rn cr pntia rac g hille und more to fighout lastnight' debate.cuses and south carolina a to pl roln gn ncy,rnin temo ne won w y clulmessagswer didd the world vieway t ed in favorfso wenntonkous toto't >> i a sinis
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ti toyth>>an peoctorny >> fins?is inac insul tf themerin ople people aren't dumb >> calling aresidentoi -resid >> of us ran agaarack i waat ndidat ateaswi t ide cfo theex caroican-ame decide >> e wl
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r: clinthe gaf thubcans th donpres hat that i a tha of exch ewe,e will h cit to be ae >> secretary clinton, you're notinort exchange otth faus angera od hillary clinton she was, que, .n s asked
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ep meet key tizing e r.ld wass awayight s tods of fs rouge, we're live athee bago >> ror well, the are high publican crepingeadf tomorr dew, dnlouit etisig s c ingup grace.south naink g to y . >> rrom th cpa tr theaves, s carolinang slu st >> dn donalum
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>>ow dyo g win ng? jus do notlie ealconser. eportet's domp emers t rg juseon't crap bt'ap.ay?ey ortemp time
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tiit'seeorontiepr: aicraedutlialpaeven sorg . ifome prima dng, y can ndle theatst's pit. ati gr orte sre s, j has b the aggreningn trumthat ed te rrowni che,h ls b rcts
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uzsup.>>hat. z p.thene he b tthe alto ct lefightsanseig eernativep or ll over t veterans to es ere's better christian f course there's ettestiden keant sh io r r h othe tt ss lli r himn na -owou cali i alaeoe bush cam bk 20 ast ers h he. it a oanso be awaimle t gng bmifoe t t tousodth
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tse>>ha impact the pbate a the num i that imp kn but lookhi and you how theses avolaleti a loo fo ink t gbe fft n ia a w e. h ronamo of ri e. a o tk hcause mtu ste t js ano a de y pbabl't hanr newshthn feed, ere vannd ve m pre .soolicy bigge it hashepa valuedlical co
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shire w thafocuisebatlit vepost-deb ire. wh he bgn i tlyee sled he's g dn tsbl et.bewe quensnd t dul'sng aomtito othardpaic theys the hel theirenp. thonfter e otht. u seell sor of thes t guy.ot ofyucck ndidt'wsrel te.thl. da "fahetionn don
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recbs. on cbs. ilsrnin thfi hnerry says t pause in ghng theext week. alld
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riiliareega pa b s iaes oepteer al i fiwa fd o the town of at had ho t. .bdho raseorrkndir s areomd tr en bs inhr td. re f w
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d b eyorthllyrluantorearolloa boeransya an>>th.s govert owcoerhasi uslons. we have a hdio o balefiel ail>> reporr: isis to artillery ells?he ha atomica amhe us>>orte tiaieve atsias ali mauaitie o ausrds. d eabitti ch tth>>al teor t a w is sompta tff t sptaonousd sngoushat ved.>>epr:reheremecaaststh r n wn? t u.elnc ly id g of ettroyil as muctot tve ndnsidia >> more s
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a g son cew re oking hadnen w ou. liceayan a ta sertors si cbu la manhoterfrheli re r:ewhas arthestoavidenhe sctedcksohdbasteea d tg,ryg a irroron eamac tle ajuta h th oritsses dibe e b se ern auranth , ohio nighn ar withachestnd mared f-ting . >>was a ttack. malpl jusavnend artt
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the. t tss tu.e se r errere b onththe --t l.asca eporolhe suvi rt alkeitye ier in po s it'otha dionut veatsassha a eamk agahi ag timeth idtackoper ta hoale rscralditi expd vi thsued a fiilch ory he o sehicard wi mae d a ife. >>eund aoshedt
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atalieve tveled du early this ion, tg,orment is coerd that tthe hallm theene wfst att bestopsc . re aanheed>>n e ndrdl t.aia-ff
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itd enough tssive n ion, pennckly covered thehos anthe trf ice.polarx wilake 30 degreeno l tcrosodaye morrey eds tho p e f a lk. >>oo >>outoomov d wk noreo od,itu. dn i a.> iec al
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are ittle allyeird piscenarithmoneyou put or ve are, d r nemultly, ok, whe or elp ge gazed sartiin you beev.s e hr arthritishaf painelieas tsll gyourwh iyo.llo my love!flame is ough.e e is out,
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es lasye le t dy fo uadbyheopewi viratht' anceobrt,ossiigca .thk o oeur bierthor u ae rorsthfetor co oy cti jgh b wfr tli hf m reesatal ae f eyomfnlirnjuoufan ano,heitef ameceheonti prea irmecoed t'deinth>>r:cl fito sur t sk w o con.ayoffeernes a os
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iatreeranvets hi no i iali c we wgee. rep athre gol sp t sr t teoma thorn tg,rt an, liianonog,utha t. . >>it acoion.>>tly. .
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valedad. trag o ch liveece s idied t ur rv rawithmm trstar 'l r bte tse ol oohs,d somveu th t it m aert pe if other treatmes ven' woelou, asurout th bgipe fanvirii-trco lpntev
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a ttle'sat openss to tmy namn. chnicierin poregon. morni gi eac mcusta cae cloeta.d i cthdied dhof e i ar itfoyes. and gh was aazft, e abunic the dea on ao lp him pointment he was n hbit. earnedhat e't r.reitamin.oma .
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en show iove that ellen had the therelaout lehedingroompt r v d iinis nd he isg. >> g eeting o m ans ey
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r:ouybuy be mo'sx, ac tagt theseretout en of noth the at aar td >>r: ontiny,re than of menreips ber spe onst oar,ould ae m om d di thericilym nk says cagne and ne dinned y b it lucratien an to sch aer's sy . e spe
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upbin frasye epor sa ofpe shis uphoy. day.>> b the fee teelvewo iysthe ftorsnup to taons so should we cl the ctor?o, ristma n >>aiotan ses da t york $1 p
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vantngainme ottli. repoywant s>>ife din's b hee, bnd at hhe dinr our ow i thinaselbeed. e cor youctan dre 0 donnk tomdon'alenayne, mom'rthday, mom! >> if it's about love, weit. >> tanna. >>ssma wtblokwhmiodhsn 50
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t ngregingewife or lina gelema op mask me ifi made hner. he hadt s wife recently, bui di'tno.
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y ugay. nuernewestfo en ypedieng t ghdi wer gar?in ov over co, prbito at to loa1 invokana ing witht d exerci tgnificy weood sugas th it ancy llt t'snahe atoey s o ocesnation whil f ht lit help you lo wgh
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clinhyatch m hthe w cialheu . r tseyye genasi i crstor ris bfrac. n take in ifou h seidney le arin ydo riawayf cessuchraliy ow andta, d if hkidney or ler pbl voit ursuli y cr ris losur. lia r loouer
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ppy friday s ouwitemperata ou i-rior. ova nht day mostly nn 50an60 stsolorado, 40 elevatrdks nice! the da with high eratures in th 60w poss o sot nsshot cticmay ance ie enutlos thf coir st jt our aut oolas a re sda.. e ndha fosnn e tas. t ld wer wi pstouarex ek too. thcuwer pan ke, wi a wle be ee
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tdatinsi farslg t trnghler aue r e happg now--- caleads waant yolpo make cnity be. lk ping to ta su, uding tiouw yer amofys wis colra e the nt tar fpen th nd cy aklo stro. 27 t thveti t cits poy et v opocoity isthe petwwewee
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thdeteouara pry oe cked frunhomp halixpgo hl not ee. i'mor matat'sot>> iure lot oferse wgeedanctolivonatrdshee in'behe er. m guy wh cmo sse go maa i re ls. cprs,d in
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s oupartl d bintoho w t r is ketwn? >> tooeson ihiouavember fruarepnt th sesf t foit w th nnd 3re ag wtd ,bv sge o ayl maha be t t a srtino meoap haou hwi l,ok a crsiour, ng
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meeerghrechene eahe asiiaan lk ret, areeari>> ts ieaae cpershe empco a paor o t nngal ng tandas beretosu w sete he arte natre he brere
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th inomb. iinffatia ngssnaesonol b i tngss gh uee. hehatre bk y, bruand h twoarti atthly atila ekeeik aon a moh f leye dot thk aonws th iinif y lat cho oe cre clo,f it t da fbi igndyfrevrat crullin yoopndryon liou jng>>inwsve dth 8: ctral
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sheriff' weo "c mo "c tsrn, ar read a they ar in celrities
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iols.rogrdiyacpt mal gs e,ncda ais15 oreereca ti aee >> tore museum rk trnnsarykhst.methcut itng e vintage tes themm pening today to commemo co forbu mve sito c closest bont a fointo he to v do pao ke atudl
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to whboor tenatadch in cmooundthmmoona , eo gato be heres>>oue nl vohaated loreshrerd
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he s a aganosi. c out she sryt sf remi t to iinleslorhealbo tsng o nghe s ye. cnuntr aren that en st y li fd derstand go o ifoaro gest deent brytemo al tomin at a coun' nif twa
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w difh,ng wgeotrehen. les ou wh,t'nsefaenetely d en i m tright. ustnt to p y td.
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>>l w el es wea eyhaou >>stbestig in and 60s... a bit warmer cool down t... mr eek
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sty usng>> iyhift r ea g,is t eefdeteifreseats a ittil bhe lie a aga ttt be t fure. thk so mucfor this honor. he rd allence i broadcaigheoninwa w scr,choo a s"6mis"ar >>bro! des thaesusebat mres
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ot even a i'llon maklk ttn g esolu.>> br ul w tts!alenne's d i a iond giheineos dearts.
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ovall a tye be torysuthig ie fohelo, 40 hturdaya t wa ures is anw ns. y ces ith utlie ayust urasxpa susunday.. 4nc f ss. mild anerst thr
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mar is c s.e fo loatuaanrk rw,udopanres. isthmo h l yoow wwed t. 'rg deof how muc creana brst anerit'smillioint si. a fu befoonly le88 millionparevee y lim ow gngpawatoer tese exct "ol prentrdeho rurdis whn't he taxse to le
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nt, oes i thinhe p re lsce b ia mea e t pe a suecasneth w hom le, o. oers t tohe hse, epy go st withgey tried to his cshing it the arrest if enbreak- in shooting deatof strect trs ago hatorrow..e mo pnt nde wie ol rnieandes ing rade, or
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imgeegaf. a y arrothe inthte ssion ire,st e. m brenead, i a yoni atnus l aort gilyroehle
8:52 am
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